The purpose of the courses in this area is to provide the knowledge of the policies, procedures and guidelines used in the procurement of goods, services, leasing and construction, to employees and managers, who are required to carry out purchasing / contracting activities.

Courses range from (1) day, Guide to Contracting for Executives to (5) days, Advanced Contracting, with a variety of courses in-between. These courses are aimed at participants ranging from operational support staff, supervisor and senior managers to procurement and contracting officers supporting the operational areas. The latter require more in-depth knowledge and experience in the full array of processes involved in the procurement field. Included in all the courses, to varying degrees, is a review of policies and guidelines, delegation of authority, risks and liabilities, reporting requirements, the principles of materiel management and the management of the competitive processes necessary to be successful in this area.

Some courses also include the Trade Agreements, their impact on Canadian Procurement and Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, used in the private and public sectors to resolve contract conflicts.